Wellness in the Workplace - Stress

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At Svensen Neighbour Recruiting, we are always looking for ways to promote a healthy workplace where employees can thrive and be their most productive, best selves. As part of our exploration, we asked Natural Healer, Amber Kupina for help with dealing with stress. In the post below, Amber shares some different kinds of stress, and some of the techniques she uses to help reduce stress. Let us know how you cope with stress in the comments below!

As a healer, one of the most common issues that people come to see me for is stress. Stress is a multifaceted issue in the sense that it is a response, a symptom or reaction created by a cause or trigger. That cause could be mental, emotional, physical, energetic or spiritual. It could be work, family, finances, health or energies. So many people experience stress from thinking about an outcome that hasn’t even happened. The way we think and what we think about can stimulate the sympathetic branch of the nervous system. Stress is at an all-time high, we are living in a state of invisible threats that can have a large impact on our day to day life. To heal stress, there are actions to take on multiple layers including, mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual. These actions can be simple and take a couple minutes. They just require your commitment to yourself.  As a healer, I work with the subtle energies of stress and heal non-physical layers of it to support you in returning into harmony.

Understanding where your stress is highest and your triggers will assist you in better working through it. I am going to go over aspects of stress from a healer perspective and then provide techniques to include in your daily routine to support your mind body and spirit.

Mental. Overthinking, or even just thinking can create stress. Your mental to do list, work, your rent, thinking about the future, what is going to happen in your relationship, what are you going to cook for the kids, how are you going to afford Christmas, and so on. Take time to become mindful of your thoughts and learn your patterns.

Emotional. Emotional stress can be triggered by anything that creates: doubting your intelligence, doubting self-worth, feeling not good enough, resentment, anger, jealousy, perfectionism, depression, relationship stress and trauma. We are all human, so none of us have been exempt from emotional wounds, and once we begin to face them we can begin to heal them.

Physical. Physical stress can be anything from headaches, to cardiovascular issues, pain, stomach issues, muscle tension, insomnia, the food and beverages we ingest and even excessive exercise. However, I believe when physical issues manifest it can be from unresolved emotional, mental, energetic issues.

Spiritual. The stress that can come around spiritual awakening, questioning life and the unknown. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Religion, or spiritual belief system.

Energetic. This one can be a tricky one to identify, because as humans our ability to perceive is limited to our 5 senses, and there are sounds we cannot hear, vibrations we cannot feel, particles we cannot see but that doesn’t mean they aren’t real and that they can have a large impact. We live in a world where we are constantly around multiple technologies giving off different frequencies and vibrations. These subtle energies can act as stressors on our body, because they disrupt our energetic and bioelectrical system that the body now has to correct. Our bodies are naturally designed to heal and maintain homeostasis. It is truly amazing the innate intelligence the cells in our body have.  But when our bodies are energetically disturbed it creates disharmony which can lead to dis-ease and ailments.

There are techniques to integrate into your daily routine that can help bring balance and harmony mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually. Some will require more time than others but the more you do it the more results you will see. Just remember, these are subtle techniques. But subtle changes create the biggest impact.


1. Breath work.

The breath is what moves energy in the body. It can bring you into or out of an emotional response. Have you ever cried so hard, then took a few deep breaths and stopped crying? That is because the breath helps move the energy out of the body. If we don’t use breath the energy gets trapped in the body and eventually this can manifest physically. When you are in emotion, check in with your breath, we tend to breath shallow, erratic or even hold our breath. Use your breath to move the energy and expand your aura. Our lungs are in control of our aura, when we breathe deeply we expand our energy field.

b.     4-4 breathing

This breathing technique is called Medicine Wheel breathing, it is equal breaths that is representative of the four cardinal directions, and the elements. It creates balance. Use this breathing technique to move energy, calm the nervous system and to expand your energy field. 3-5 minutes a day or twice a day, or whenever needed.

2. Grounding

This is the act of placing your bare feet onto the Earth. The Earth has free negative electrons and your skin acts as a conductor absorbing the free electrons to help bring balance to the bioelectrical system and lowers stress hormones. Using Earths primal energy to subtly calibrate your own. You can also purchase grounding mats online to use at work to assist the body when surrounded by technology and LED lights.

3. Massaging Third Eye

Gently between your brow you can massage in a clockwise circular motion. This stimulates the pineal gland as well as the parasympathetic nervous system and brings a sense of calm to the body. It can also assist you spiritually by awakening dormant parts of yourself.  This only requires a minute or so.

4. Meditation

There is so much science behind meditation it is phenomenal. There is no wrong way to do it, sitting for 5 minutes with eyes closed could be your meditation, or your breath work could be it. There is so many options; guided, silent, chanting. Find what works for you. You could sit with eyes closed and listen to solfeggio frequencies once a day that provide healing frequencies to calibrate and heal the body. Meditation does not have to be for long periods of time, it can be 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 30 minutes. You may not feel like you’re doing it right, or that much is happening, but trust me there is. Energy is subtle, trust the process.

5. Nature Sounds

Nature is so incredibly healing. Being out in nature increases our happiness, and decreases stress, but we can’t always be outside, or out in the woods so how can we use nature at work or in daily routine? Play nature sounds, there was an article I read that listening to nature sounds for 2 hours a day can decrease your stress hormones greatly. I play mine as I am cleaning, reading, sleeping or working. Again, subtle changes create big impacts.

Taking time to reflect on your stress, noting which area is the most significant and then using tools to work through it can create massive change in your well-being. Utilize these techniques and reach out to professional help if needed.