Fast Five with Kaylee Banky-Sword


Kaylee is the newest SNR team member.  Keep reading to discover five things you probably would have never guessed about Kaylee.

  • Kaylee loves travelling – she has been to 7 countries and plans to see many more. Negril, Jamaica is one of her favorite destinations so far because of the beautiful beaches (even though she tans like a lobster), great culture and amazing tasting food.

  • She often classifies herself as a “Huge Nerd”. She loves reading comic books and is obsessed with Marvel. She is a book collector and is always looking for opportunities to learn.

  • Team building is fun and important to Kaylee. Her dream job would be building a team, helping them grow and watching them achieve all their goals. As well as being a great team player, Kaylee is an exceptional leader.

  • Kaylee has a great amount of family that originates from Germany. Her brother, niece, Oma and Opa currently live there. Naturally she knows a little bit of German, but she hopes to be conversationally fluent by 2020!

  • Fall is her favorite season because of the spectacular colors in nature, the perfect outdoor temperature and the fashion aesthetic of boots and leather jackets.