Fast Five with Shannon Neighbour

Svensen Neighbour Recruiting-Shannon.jpg

SNR decided to change gears, and kick off the summer with some fun facts about Shannon Neighbour. Keep reading to discover five things you probably would have never guessed about Shannon.

  • Shannon is the Chair of the Callaghan playground committee in Edmonton. Shannon is responsible for raising funds to support a playground and splash park which has currently raised over $700,000.

  • Shannon’s dream job was to play in the symphony. During high-school she played the clarinet and aspired to make a living as a musician.

  • Shannon was a part of the Michael Walters’s re-election campaign. Shannon managed the successful Ward 10 campaign in October 2017.

  • In her spare time Shannon specializes in baking delicious carrot cake and many other tasty treats.

  • Dream date with Drake. If Shannon could have dinner with anyone in the world it would be Drake because she loves his “swagger”.

We hope you enjoyed the switch from business based content to fun and interesting facts about Shannon Neighbour here at SNR!