Interview Do's and Don't's

“Are you ready for your interview?”


This is often a difficult question to answer as you’re probably wondering what you should or should not be “ready” for.

Far too often, candidates approach interviews without considering some very important factors that could make or break an interview outcome. Chantelle Svensen-Lewis, SNR Partner, has provided some great advice on what you should and shouldn’t do for your next interview.


You Should:

  1. Be prepared. This consists of researching the company prior to your interview and preparing questions that are relevant to the company and the position.

  2. Dress appropriately. Don’t show up in your ripped jeans and boots please. Dress appropriate to your position and top off your look by being confident, friendly, and honest. Also, no “wet noodle” handshakes. Practice if you have to – make sure your handshake is firm.

  3. Be aware of hygiene. Interviewers don’t care to see the remnants of your breakfast. Be sure you’re freshly washed and groomed to make the best impression. Be mindful of scents; small boardrooms and a cologne/perfume bath just don’t mix.

  4. Backup answers. Be prepared to back up your answers with tangible examples. So what you’re experienced in sales; prove it! Talk quotas, exceeding metrics, achievements, etc. This is your opportunity to sell yourself as an interview candidate.

  5. Close the interview. The formal interview close will separate you from all other candidates. Be sure to you know how to close before your next interview! Read more HERE.

You Should Not:

  1. Bring up confidential information. Refrain from discussing anything that would not be public knowledge. This could include financial information and business strategies.

  2. Speak negative. No interviewer cares to hear about how much you hated your previous employer. Refrain from speaking negative about people, other organizations, or previous employers. This will only hinder you in your interview.

  3. Focus on role perks. Sure, the role is super great and has amazing benefits – be excited, but not until you have the job. Do not focus on role perks in your interview; focus on the role itself. What is required of you in that position to receive those perks?

  4. Lie! Do not, under any circumstance, lie on your resume or in your interview. Refrain from being someone you’re not – it will backfire.


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