Fast Five with Chantelle Svensen-Lewis

Chantelle Svensen Lewis.jpg

At Svensen Neighbour Recruiting, we have a great team of truly unique and wonderful people. We appreciate the fun we have at work with one another and decided to let you in on some of the fun quirks that make our team unique. We started doing our Fast Five series last year and are wrapping it up with a few fun facts about Chantelle Svensen-Lewis.

  1. Espresso is Chantelle’s weakness and she has a deep love for all things Nespresso.

  2. She was a competitive artistic gymnast for 10 years and was a competitive gymnastics coach for just over 15 years.

  3. Chantelle loves education and lifelong learning.  So much so that she is a sessional instructor at NAIT in the Business Administration Program.  

  4. She loves to spend time hiking and walking with her husband Sean and their dog Pearl Ivy.  Additionally, Chantelle loves to travel and experience new countries and cultures.  Visiting Prague is on her list for this year.

  5. Chantelle is a hand-talker extraordinaire… the faster she talks, the faster her hands move!