A Quick Guide to: Using Social Media in Your Job Search


So, you’ve started a new job search. Are you utilizing all social media tools available to you? Of course, we always recommend using as many platforms as possible to reach out for jobs, so ask your personal network, check indeed, Monster, Google, and other job search websites, but don’t forget your social media!

As companies continue to reach out to job seekers, more and more companies are using social media as a method to recruit for positions. So, dust off those social accounts, and let’s get you ready for the online job hunt!

Where to start

The first place to start is by doing a scan of your own social media. Would you want your supervisor to see what you have posted? Manager? What about a VP? If the answer is no, remove it, or make it private. (Making things private does not remove it from online, and once it’s posted it will stay somewhere in the background forever, but that’s another issue all together. Be sure to research online privacy and information control if this is of further interest!). For now, just make the necessary changes to keep your profiles PG, and promote who you are professionally. Your public social media is an extension of yourself.

... promote who you are professionally. Your public social media is an extension of yourself.

Next, decide where you can look for opportunities. Remember, that usually to apply to a role through social media, the poster of the role may be able to see your profile. Some places you might want to include are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.


This is the big one. This social site is dedicated to linking job professionals with one another, and opportunities related to their field. Check the ‘Jobs’ tab for opportunities related to your profile, experience, and interests!

Don’t forget to update your profile. Keep it relevant with up to date information about where you work, what you do, and if applicable, what you’re looking for. If you are seeking a new opportunity, put it in your headline! Be sure to also include what your specialty is so recruiters can find you.

Ie. Experienced Sales Manager, looking for new opportunities

Let recruiters know you’re open by going to your profile, and turning Career Interests to ‘On’.

Let recruiters know you’re open by going to your profile, and turning Career Interests to ‘On’.

What you may not know, is that LinkedIn actually has a button you can ‘turn on’ to notify recruiters that you are looking for a new role. This will show to anyone who subscribes to the Recruiter (not Recruiter Lite) premium LinkedIn. So, unless your boss has subscribed to this service, they will not see that you have this turned on. Basically, when recruiters are searching for leads, if you meet the search criteria you will show up, but you will also be highlighted to let recruiters know you are open to opportunities.


In an attempt to add value to users, Facebook has its own job board! Search opportunities in your area based on keywords. Don’t forget to upload a proper resume and treat this like any other application method. Just because it is a less formal way to apply for a job, does not mean you do not have to put the same effort into your application! Ensure to include a full resume, and check for grammatical errors. Also remember that potential employers may be able to see aspects of your profile, so be conscious of what is visible to the public or 2nd degree connections.

Twitter and Instagram

While these are not traditional sources of job opportunities and you may not be able to apply directly, they can be another source of information on opportunities. With a competitive hiring market and increasing competition in reaching candidates, employers are looking for new ways to expand their reach. It is no longer uncommon to find employers on Twitter and Instagram promoting their job vacancies and linking to where you can apply. Watch both posts and stories on Instagram for new opportunities!

Search hashtags such as #YegJobs #YegCareers #Jobsearch #EdmontonJobs to find relevant job postings

Search hashtags such as #YegJobs #YegCareers #Jobsearch #EdmontonJobs to find relevant job postings

To maximize your search on these platforms, use hashtags relevant to your search. Your location followed by ‘job’ or ‘jobs’ is a common hashtag for not only these platforms but can also be used on LinkedIn or Facebook! For example, if you are looking in the Edmonton area, try looking up #YEGJobs or #Edmontonjobs. If you are not too concerned with where you live, try using job titles in lieu of location. For example, try something like: #Salesjob #HRcareers. Keep playing with hashtags to find roles that might be of interest to you!

Across the Board

No matter which platform you are using, make sure to put your best foot forward! Follow these tips to get the most out of your job hunt on social media:

  1. Submit a full resume and cover letter whenever possible.

  2. Check the employer’s website to apply online or email your application directly to the recruitment email address (when provided for application purposes) – You may not be able to apply directly on social media, use it as an information source anyways.

  3. Ensure your own social media profiles are reflective of who you are and maintain professionalism throughout.

  4. Use hashtags to maximize your search and find more postings.

  5. Don’t forget to do your research. No matter where you find the role, research the company, their products / services, and understand if it is a fit for you. Tailor your resume based on this and the job posting.

  6. Send a ‘thank you’ note. If you are applying via email, or receive an email confirmation, use the email to send a follow up about a week after applying. Stay on the employers’ radar and demonstrate your interest and attention to detail by sending a note, thanking them for the opportunity to apply.

 Have you ever searched for a career move on social media? What was your experience like? Do you have any search tips for job seekers on social media? Share in the comments below!