Bringing Wellness to Work: Without Relying on Your Employer 

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We all know the importance of developing healthy habits to support our overall health and wellness, at work, at school and at home. Often times, we expect our employers to supply health resources through: access to wellness benefits, fitness facilities, programs etc. 

Ultimately, your health relies on YOU. Whether or not your employer provides health resources, we want to help you take control of your own well-being and have come up with 10 simple strategies to bring wellness to work without having to rely on your employer! Check them out:  

Pack healthy snacks 

Try packing snacks the night before or keep some in your desk drawer or your glove compartment of your car. Snacks like fresh fruit, yogurt, or hard-boiled eggs are easy to throw in your bag in the morning on your way out the door. Snacks like almonds, rice crackers or dried fruit can be left in your desk, in case you get hungry or get an unexpected craving. 

Get up and get moving! 

There are many great benefits to getting off that office chair and moving around. Getting up promotes healthy blood flow and allows your muscles some relaxation from their fixed positions at your desk and workstation. Ergonomics and knowing how to incorporate subtle changes to improve your physical well-being is important. Take some time to stand every 2-3 hours and do something that involves muscle movement such as stretching. There are many stretches you can do within the desk space area! 

Set a timer – get up and move around 

Okay, we get it, moving is important. Set a timer on your work calendar, phone, or send to your smart watch. When that timer goes off, don’t just dismiss it – listen to it! Get up and move, if even for a minute! 

Park further away from the building 

This one is so simple, yet most of us park close to work for convenience. If you have the time, try parking a block away or just down the street. The fresh air and physical activity to work and then back to your car is great for your cardiovascular health. That extra 5-10 minutes can help you wake up and brainstorm your daily goals!  

Take the stairs 

Let’s make the decision to take the stairs if the office isn't on the main floor. Shaking things up and taking the stairs takes your brain out of its normal thought pattern and promotes creativity. Try going up the stairs and see how it changes the pace of your day.  

Use coffee breaks to walk around instead of using social media 

You could switch your screen over from work to Facebook or you can walk down the hallway! This might even be a good time to say hi to colleagues in other departments. Introduce yourself. Network. Double your productivity by being walking to improve your health while expanding your network and building relationships. 

Drink water!  

Swap out one coffee for warm water with lemon. Lemon water has many health benefits, check them out here. It is so easy to make a coffee... or three. Drinking more water has many health benefits and alleviates many symptoms such as headaches from dehydration. Drinking more water is challenging. Try buying a nice water bottle you like or one with a straw (studies suggest people are more inclined to drink more with a straw).  

Start a lunchtime fitness group with colleagues 

It’s hard to get motivated to get active. Sometimes it can feel strange or silly to go out and exercise by yourself. Lucky for you, there are likely others in your office who share similar goals and want to be more active. Keep one another accountable by forming a lunchtime fitness group. Decide together if you want to do the one activity all the time or switch it up. Then, stick together in making it a reality.  

Healthy potluck day 

Oh, the infamous office potluck. There is always someone who brings Timbits, pie, or cookies, isn't there? For your next potluck, make a request for healthy items only! Encourage colleagues to make their healthy food fun, to encourage more healthy choices! Try scooping melon into balls and putting it back in the melon or serve guacamole with bean chips! Bring a pack of oranges and a juicer so everyone can make their own juice. Have a favourite potluck item? Let us know in the comments! 

Don’t forget about mental wellness  

Challenge your mind – use a break to do Sudoku, brain teasers, or relax by colouring. We oftentimes forget that our brain needs a chance to slow down. There are many resources you can access via the web. Try turning your social media break into a brain game break instead, it just may help you feel refreshed! 

Here are a few of our favourite tools:

  •  Fitbit 

  • Water bottle with reminder to hydrate 

  • Stretch bands 

  • KIND Bars 

Do you do any of these things at work? What other tools or techniques do you use? 

Share your thoughts or tips with a comment down below!