Executive Director - Business Link

We're helping search for an Executive Director for Business Link, located in Edmonton, Alberta.

You + The Job

As a leader of our organization you promise to foster successful entrepreneurs in Alberta, you play an essential role in our client’s success by implementing the strategic delivery of small business information and resources to Alberta’s small businesses through effective management and engagement of staff and other resources. You ensure Alberta small businesses have access to information and valuable services by managing the engagement of staff, volunteers, and resources. You oversee the operations, finances and stakeholder relations to ensure Business Link can successfully continue to support small businesses in Alberta. You lead a team of trusted advisors, volunteers and contractors by effectively managing resources and engaging with stakeholders. You thrive in driving growth and building relationships and are committed to helping Alberta small business owners make their dreams come true. You are comfortable presenting in a boardroom as well as engaging with rural stakeholders.

You act as the main point of contact for our funders and are responsible for the reporting requirements to our stakeholders to ensure our team meets targets in a timely, high quality fashion.

Your passion and excitement comes from knowing that your contributions make a meaningful impact in the lives of our team, clients and the communities around you. You are a passionate supporter of entrepreneurship, people development and Business Link’s culture.

But What Does It All Mean?

Our Mission

Directing and connecting Alberta’s entrepreneurs to relevant small business support and by providing information to ensure entrepreneurs have the information that they need to be successful in their start-up venture.

Our Vision

By 2020, Business Link and its community will be known throughout Alberta as “the hub” for entrepreneurs seeking help, expertise and champions for their small business.

Our Value Statements

Everything we do is guided by our values:

  • We are unbiased, and give the support you need, when you need it.

  • We are curious and non-judgmental about your business and ideas, and will always treat you with respect.

  • We love working with others, trying new things, and we’re always learning.

Job Statement

As the strategic leader of our organization promise to foster successful entrepreneurs in Alberta, you are responsible for successfully delivering information and services to help small businesses in Alberta. You lead a team of trusted advisors, volunteers and contractors by effectively managing resources and engaging with stakeholders. You thrive in driving growth and building relationships and are committed to helping Alberta small business owners make their dreams come true.

The Team

Business Link’s team is small but mighty (23 members) that has a passion for small business. The team has a number of long-term employees and has developed a Culture of Awesomeness.

Our team is driven by our clients’ success. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing business ideas come to life. We’re proud to be part of our client’s entrepreneurial journey and provide the best resources available to help make their startup successful. The team is supported by a group of experienced and supportive Board of Directors.

Post-It Note Focus

We admire the risks you take to start and run a business in Alberta. We’ll help you with your next step, whatever it is.


People Management & Leadership

  • You are a seasoned and strong leader who makes it a priority to coach, mentor and train business advisory team members with respect to continuous improvement, client service excellence, superb market research and achieving operational targets.

  • You are an inspiring leader who is able to clearly articulate the direction and culture of Business Link.

  • You are eager to work with a highly functioning team of staff, contractors and volunteers, Board of Directors and stakeholders to add value to Business Link clients, the Government of Alberta and Government of Canada and other strategic funding partners.

  • You are motivated to continue the momentum Business Link has had by identifying and pursuing new opportunities for programs and funding which will compliment and further enhance Business Link’s mandate and services to small businesses in Alberta.

  • You are analytical and driven by data which you will use to inform the Board of Directors of environmental and organizational considerations to assist in setting the strategic direction of the organization.

  • You are values conscious and assess the direction of Business Link and its activities with its mission, vision and strategic objectives.

  • You are a skilled communicator, able to identify communication styles and align your own communications, acting as an interface between the Board of Directors, staff, funding partners, strategic partners, contractors, and volunteers.

  • You are relationship focused. Your relationship development skills will help you maintain relationships with provincial funders and other funding and service delivery partners and external organizations.

Strategy Development and Implementation

  • Together with the team continue to develop and foster a Culture of Awesomeness.

  • Execute and build on the existing strategic plan and implement the partnership and outreach strategy.

  • Ensure that the activities and direction of Business Link are aligned with its mission and vision and strategic objectives.

Outreach and Marketing

  • You believe that networking and developing business contacts from public, private and voluntary sectors is important for keeping Business Link at the forefront of entrepreneurs’ minds.

  • Identify, nurture, cultivate and establish a pro-active network of stakeholders including funding partners, clients, strategic partners, and volunteers.

  • By attending and supporting marketing and industry events, you promote what Business Link can do for entrepreneurs.

  • You provide your support and expertise in planning and ensuring new and existing programs run effectively.

  • You actively seek to promote and build awareness for the services that Business Link offers and seek out opportunities to help inform small businesses of these services.

  • You pursue marketing and public relations initiatives developed and implemented to support Alberta small businesses and build collaborative partnerships.

  • Analyzing and evaluating current service offering for effectiveness and relevance is something you do regularly.

Client Services

  • You take pride in learning and understanding the Alberta entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to operate Business Link as the trusted Canada Business Service Centre in Alberta.

  • You ensure that clients receive the highest quality of service and find value by overseeing the development and delivery of products, programs, and services to meet the constantly evolving needs of small businesses in Alberta.

  • You help reduce barriers and enhance access to Business Link services for small businesses in all regions of the province by identifying and supporting the use of technology solutions and partnerships.

  • You oversee the management of privacy and information control of clients.


  • You ensure innovative and effective deployment of staff, technology and other resources to meet core and enhanced service delivery requirements as outlined in federal and provincial funding agreements.

  • You are diligent and responsible in meeting all legal obligations for a not-for-profit

  • You are goals oriented and monitor performance to make continuous adjustments as required to attain the goals set out by the Board of Directors.

  • You ensure appropriate information technology is maintained to facilitate innovation and effective service delivery.

  • You are a foundational support for your team and ensure your staff, volunteers, contractors and Board of Directors have access to assets and resources required to support the delivery of operational goals.

Human Resources

  • You ensure that staff of Business Link work in an environment that is conducive to professional service delivery and professional growth and development.

  • You oversee hiring, staff development, engagement and issues resolution.

  • You ensure that human resources policies and procedures, including performance management, are in place and adhered to.


  • You oversee the financial administration and ongoing viability of the organization.

  • You are a negotiator and review and funding agreements, contracts and other legal and financial instruments on behalf of the organization ensuring that commitments are reasonable and make recommendations of to the Board of Directors.

  • You are the signing authority for Business Link funding agreements, contracts and other legal and financial instruments on behalf of the organization, within the limits set by the Board of Directors.

  • You make recommendations to the Board for acceptance of funding agreements, contracts and financial instruments which exceed the authority levels granted to the Executive Director.

  • You oversee the operation of the various locations of The Business Link, including negotiating and managing leases and other contractual agreements necessary for the smooth delivery of service.

  • You prepare and present annual budgets to the Board of Directors for approval in a timely manner.

  • You ensure that financial reports are presented to funders and the Board of Directors as per established timelines.

  • You ensure that all reporting for grants and other purposes is accurate and timely.

  • You ensure that financial audits are completed as required by the Board of Directors and the Articles of Incorporation.


  • You have a post-secondary degree in business, entrepreneurship or related field.

  • You have previously owned and operated a business for at least 2 years (considered an asset).

  • You have demonstrated ability to lead in a multi-stakeholder environment.

  • You have a track record engaging and working with provincial and federal government partners.

  • You bring at least 5 years of people management experience demonstrating that you are a remarkable leader in achieving desired results.

  • You have a strong working knowledge of not-for-profit corporations. Experience managing a not-for-profit corporation would be considered an asset.

  • You have strong business acumen and understanding of small business and entrepreneurship in Alberta.

  • You have demonstrated experience in strategic planning, project implementation, project management, performance management, coaching and achieving organizational goals.

  • You have an excellent understanding of factors that influence the success or failure of a small business.

  • You have experience working with stakeholders (examples include - stakeholders in rural and remote communities, Indigenous communities, and new Canadians (considered an asset).

  • You are a great networker within the communities you serve.

  • You are a natural relationship builder and connector.

  • You are able to travel throughout Alberta.

  • You excel at problem solving and influencing.

A combination of education and experience will be considered.

If you are passionate about entrepreneurship and would like to be a part of this innovative team apply by submitting your cover letter and resume to careers@snrecruiting.com

We would like to thank all applicants in advance for submitting their resumes. Please note, only those candidates chosen to continue on through the selection process will be contacted.