Our Story 

In 2011 Shannon was working for a company that had just been purchased, and they were about to undergo restructuring. At that time, she made the decision to move on to look for a new career. Shannon had always been very entrepreneurial and imagined owning her own business. She struggled with: what would I do?

While Shannon was contemplating, a company she had worked for much earlier her career asked for help. They were looking for a sales professional to help grow their team. Her professional experience had all been in sales and sales management, so she was happy to help. Shannon loved recruitment immediately. She was given the opportunity to learn about the company she was helping (how they did things, what their sales approach was, their company culture) and met with awesome candidates who had great stories. Shannon loved being able to bridge the two.

From here Shannon decided: “This was something I want to do long term”. She saw a business opportunity. She took her love of sales and people and put them together. Shannon started Shannon Neighbour Recruiting (before becoming Svensen Neighbour Recruiting) officially in January 2012. Having never worked in recruitment before it forced her to do deep research about the industry. Shannon investigated the feelings candidates had about working with recruitment agencies and what client experiences had been. She saw there were huge opportunities: To do things better, to do things differently. Shannon sought to improve the experience for both candidates and clients. From here she built a business based on respect, integrity, responsiveness and transparency.

In 2016 Shannon began to take interest in psychological assessments and how they impact HR and recruitment. She realized that they were a valuable tool to help validate the hiring process and ensure the best fit for both candidates and clients. At that time, in January 2017, Chantelle and Shannon became partners to grow the business further and introduced assessment tools as part of Svensen Neighbour Recruiting’s offerings.

Since opening, our services have grown to include resume writing and preparation, customized HR solutions, employee transition services, and assessments. We have grown to include two additional staff members and look forward to our future growth.

Today, we remain committed to providing personalized services.


To work as an extension of our clients’ business and spending extensive time understanding the organizations culture, dynamics, business practices and needs to provide innovative solutions to satisfy recruitment needs.


To be the leader in Edmonton based recruiting and industry experts on recruitment practices.


Integrity, Transparency, Professionalism, Responsiveness