What is an assessment? Whether you are looking for a new job, or working on professional development, assessments can help. An assessment is a series of questions that reveal something about you – like an online quiz, just – real. These surveys are founded in scientific research and developed to help you better understand yourself.

Job Seekers

Have you ever been asked what your greatest strengths and weaknesses are and felt stumped? Are you wondering what kinds of roles to look for, in hopes of being valuable and feeling accomplished? Take a look at our 12 Driving Forces and Behaviour surveys to learn the answers to these questions, and help you better reflect on what you bring to a company, and what to look for in a perfect job.

Personal Development

We know you are career focused. Driven. Motivated. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be on our website right now, right? Sometimes though, you feel tired, unmotivated, or stuck in your career. It’s not your fault. Our surveys can help you better understand what motivates you, what skills you possess and where you can develop professionally, and how you can further advance your own emotional intelligence and prove yourself as a leader by boosting collaboration and productivity in your team.

Types of Assessments:

12 Driving Forces

Analyzes 6 key motivators on a continuum of 12 descriptors which provides an accurate understanding of you as a unique person – this will highlight what most powerfully moves you to action.


Behavioural research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so the can develop strategies to meet the demands of the environment. This report provides a better understanding of how you communicate and what motivates you. The behavioural tool is based on a DISC methodology, which examines four factors of human behaviour: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

Development of 25 Personal Skills

Your success in any job depends on the value of your contribution to the organization. Do you want to identify skills you need to work on for professional development? Do you want to better understand the key areas where your skills are highly developed? This tool can help you better understand those skills, so you know what you bring to the table, and where you can further develop your skills.

Emotional Quotient

This report looks at your Emotional Intelligence (EI) – Your success in life, and in your career is heavily dependent on your ability (and how to improve your ability) to read other peoples signals and respond effectively to them. Learn about your ability to understand and effectively apply the power of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.

If you are interested in taking a survey, get in touch with us by phone, email, or on social media. We’re happy to discuss which survey might be the most beneficial to you and answer any questions!