At Svensen Neighbour Recruiting we offer a number of assessments to help employers better understand their employees, help their employees better understand themselves and their team members, assist in the hiring process, and identify areas for professional development. By having a more robust understanding of each individual, it helps the organization be more successful. Employees are more satisfied in their jobs, stress is reduced, productivity and performance is increased, which leads to increased retention.

We utilize tools that determine the following:

An Individual’s 12 Driving Forces

Analyzes 6 key motivators on a continuum of 12 descriptors which  provides an accurate understanding of the individual as a unique person – this highlights what most powerfully moves an individual to action.


Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves; both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of the environment. The report provides a better understand of how the individual likes to be communicated with as well as how the individual can become a better communicator. The behavioral tool utilized is based on the DISC methodology.

Development of 25 personal skills

An individual’s success in any job depends on the value of their contribution to the organization. Individuals manage and advance their career by identifying how well developed they are in 25 development indicators.

Emotional Quotient

This report looks at a person’s emotional intelligence – their ability to understand and effectively apply the power of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.

Job Benchmarking

Utilizing a combination of the above tools, we are able to offer a job benchmarking tool for employers to help them through the recruitment process. We will sit down with your organization and go through an in-depth evaluation about the job and the skills required to be successful and, from there, use that tool to help identify potential candidates.

Once a survey is complete, one of Svensen Neighbour Recruiting’s consultants will debrief with the manager, individual, and/or group to provide an analysis of the report.  The report will provide and facilitate discussion on how to communicate effectively, identify gaps in team dynamics, provide helpful insights into effective ways to manage a team dynamic, and suggestions on professional development.


The accuracy of hiring based on an interview alone is 16%.  Utilizing one assessment tool increases the success rate to 60%, two tools 80% and three tools 93%.