Recruitment Services

We look after the needs of your organization’s most important resource. It’s people.

At Svensen Neighbour Recruiting the success of your business is what motivates us. Every organization is different and we work hard to understand your company to ensure we are bringing forward the most suitable candidates and offering your organization the right advice to enable you to make the best possible hiring decision. Our process is based on two key fundamentals:

Understanding your business

We will look at:

  • Your company culture and core values

  • What are the current threats and opportunities in your business and your industry

  • The future plans for your organizations and the skills required to take you there

  • What key skills are required to succeed within the position and the company

Understanding the market

We offer advice on:

  • What does the employment landscape look like in your industry and field and how does that compare to other industries

  • Compensation and availability of talent 

Our consultants work with your organization from start to finish – we work together to develop the job profile, research appropriate candidates, interview, screen, present and see it through until an offer is extended and accepted. This one-on-one specialized approach ensures we are always in tune with your organization's needs and allows us to work quickly and efficiently to bring forward the most suitable candidates.

Working with a recruitment consultant is allowing someone to act as an extension of your business and your brand. We take this very seriously which is why we work so hard to understand you and your business. We believe in professionalism, integrity, responsiveness and transparency.


Additional Services